Public Accounting Careers for Students

The University of Valley Forge career resource center has many different opportunities for college students to explore when picking out a career path. For accounting students, a career in public accounting just makes sense. This route will give students the able to gain a job right out of college and start a reputable career without having to start at the bottom of the corporate ladder.

Most accounting students who decide to go into public accounting will have to take a professional exam in order to become legally qualified to do certain tasks. For almost all accounting students, this means taking the certified public accountant exam. Noir CPA exam guide has a lot of information about this topic. You can find more there.

In order to take the exam, students must meet the minimum state education requirements and work experience qualifications. This generally includes taking some type of CPA study course. After a student has been able to complete all of these requirements, he or she will be able to take the next step in their public accounting career.

If you have questions about what is possible and what you want to do with your accounting career, consult with the VF career councilors. They will be able to help.