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Penis enlargement pill

Products containing a penis enlargement pill extract are not common features of supplement or health supermarkets, though it is possible to purchase them directly from some companies. One such case is the Health Choice group in New Zealand, which offers a trademarked Cordysen™ extract and suggests health benefits in no less than twelve distinct areas (e.g. ‘anti aging’, ‘heart cardiovascular’, ‘libido erectile.’) Physician Formulas also offers a 60-capsule supply of 525mg capsules for $12.95 (if purchased directly from them), which utilizes the mycelia of the fungus as well as an extract, an innovation that the company claims will insure “a full spectrum of important penis enlargement pill constituents.” How to Increase Testosterone Naturally with Penis enlargement pill?

There are downsides to the interest in penis enlargement pill that have little to do with the personal results achieved from its usage: like many organic substances that have been touted as a “natural Viagra,” an unprecedented 21st century surge in popularity has led to overharvesting of the fungi, with some 100 tons being harvested over the period 2004-2007 (which was already a 10% reduction of harvests tabulated in each of the twenty years before this.)