Hello Community member,

QuarkChain Bounty Program is starting TODAY!

Earn QKC by

1. Spreading the word about QuarkChain using your ORIGINAL CONTENT (blog posts, articles, and videos) posted on TWITTER/FACEBOOK/REDDIT/MEDIUM/STEEMIT/WECHAT/WEIBO

*article 500 words minimum

*video 1 minute minimum

2. Translating White Paper

3. Being a volunteer for our Test Net

Steps to Participate

  1. Join QuarkChain Telegram group.
  2. Send us an email with program subject. Email content should include the following information:

a. your telegram account,

b. web link, page view and sums up

c. name and country

Point system:

✅ ORIGINAL CONTENT (blog posts, articles, and videos)

LEVEL A — — — 10,000 Token

LEVEL B — — — 7,000 Token

LEVEL C — — — 5,000 Token

LEVEL D — — — 3,000

LEVEL E — — — 1,500

✅White Paper Translation

Earn 10,000 token via translating high quality white paper.

(Now we are accepting Japanese, Korean, Spanish, Mexican Spanish

Russian, French, Deutsch, العَرَبِيَّة)

✅Test net volunteer

Anyone who help us debug will get extra bonus. Please check out website for more details.

Awards earned will depend on the quality of the content. All contents will be reviewed by the QuarkChain team.

Bounty Program ends on the 15th of May. Test net volunteer ends time TBD.