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Aging is an inevitable phenomenon and it affects almost every aspect of your body. Generally, men begin losing interest in sex as they get older. Though, it is not age that is much of a factor here, there are issues and factors that tend to drive your libido down as you get older.

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There are men who have robust libidos even in their 60′s and 70′s. Hence, if you think your sex drive is low, it is time to locate and pin down factors that might be affecting your sex drive.

Alternatives to Viagra: Pills, Herbal Remedies, and Other Treatments

This is one of the underlying causes of low libido in older men. A flopping belly is a sign of excess fat in your body. Excess fat tends to clog your arteries and this can reduce blood flow throughout your body including your penis, thereby reducing desire to have sex.

One thing that you should understand clearly is that anything that is bad for your heart is bad for your penis and sex life too!

Besides clogging of arteries, smoking is another issue that can reduce blood flow to the genitals. Nicotine not only builds plaque in your arteries but also impairs the valve mechanism that is used to store blood in the penis during an erection. It not only affects your desire to have sex but can also lead to erectile dysfunction.

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Lack of exercise is yet another factor that can reduce blood circulation in your body. Most men lose motivation to exercise as they get older. This is a huge blunder for your overall as well as sexual health. Do not have you gym shoes. Grab them and try to hit the gym for at least 4-5 days. If do not have time to workout in the gym, go out for a WALK!