Increasing Testosterone Production With Exercise


The best candidate muscles to be worked on for increasing testosterone are on the lower body (quadriceps, hamstrings), but compound exercises involving any major muscle group from the back or chest are also helpful towards boosting the hormone. Training routines involving bench presses, squats, chins, barbell rows, shoulder press or the dead lift appear to be optimal for producing this effect. The two key things to remember are to keep the workout length short – 45 min. or even less if doing leg routines – and keep stress as low as one can in order to prevent elevating cortisol, a hormone that lowers testosterone levels.

The ideal intensity for increasing testosterone is several exercises done in multiple sets (three or four), for 2 to 6 reps with weights that are in the vicinity of 90% of your one rep max (the maximum weight you can lift one time) per each major muscle worked. It’s also helpful to add lots of vitamin C to your diet to help this training regimen work, because extra amounts of the vitamin in the body helps the conversion of testosterone into estrogen, and lowers cortisol as well. Make sure you also get a lot of healthy sleep after doing these heavy duty workouts. Sleep allows the body to heal or repair itself and assists by increasing testosterone production at night.