Laundry Cards

TREAT YOUR LAUNDRY CARD LIKE CASH. You lose it, anyone can use it! It’s like a gift-card—keep track of it closely! (Also—like a gift card, any money that is on the card, stays on the card. You have to spend it if you want to use it!)
There are two machines on campus from which you can load money onto your card—one is in the Anvil/Student Center area, and one is in the SRC
You can register your card online so you can send funds from a distance (think parents or guardians!). When you send funds online, you’ll receive an access code. Take the access code with your card to a machine on campus and load up your card!
OR—go straight to the machine, bring your debit or credit card, and load up your laundry card right there.
If you lose a card, more cards are available for purchase.


Online Funds Management

Register Your Card
In order to add value to your Laundry Card, you will need to go to and register your card. Select your location and it will take you to the revalue website to register your laundry card. Click on the link to Register Now! if you haven’t already done so. There you will register your personal information and create a password so that you can access the site faster on future visits. Be sure to write down your password, security questions and answers for future reference.
You will be asked to enter your location and the six digit serial number on the back of the laundry card. Once registered, you will need to activate your registration by receiving the email from Click on the link in the email to activate and then type in your email address and password to access your account.
Add value to your Card
Access your account by going to and enter your location, then email address and password. In your account, you will see a Green Box that says Manage My Card. There you will be able to manage your account and add value to your laundry card. Click on the Purchase a Revalue Code link and within that screen, you can choose an amount ($40 maximum) and frequency with which you want to add that value to your card. Follow the steps to add value to your card via credit card (Mastercard, Visa and Discover only). Once you have completed the transaction, you will be issued a six-digit code.
With this code, you will go to the RevalueMyCard Box in the laundry room and follow the instructions on the box to add the value onto the laundry card. You will be prompted to remove the card once it has been loaded and then the card is ready to be used in the washers and dryers.
As the money is depleted on the card, simply follow these instructions again to add more value to your card or, if you chose to have your credit card automatically charged at a set frequency, then insert the card into the RevalueMyCard Box to add funds.
If you have any questions, please contact the Service Department at Equipment Marketers (800) 223-1376 ext. 2 or