Student Grievance Petition Form

We care about resolving student issues. Informal reconciliation should always be attempted first, but when necessary, we have a formal grievance procedure. You must review the Student Grievance Policy in detail before submitting this form. The policy is available here:



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Counseling Services: If you are interested in counseling services offered here at the University of Valley Forge, please CLICK HERE or on the link "Counseling Services" at the top left of this page. You may also contact the Director of the Health and Wellness Center (Lauren Born) by calling 610-917-1465 or emailing
How to Register or Change Your Confidential Emergency Contact: New residential students will be given an opportunity to identify a confidential emergency contact through the New Student Health Form. All residential students may register or change their confidential contact at any time through the Health Center. Send the following information to the Director of the Health Center (
1- Name of Emergency Contact
2- Phone number(s) of Emergency Contact
3- Relationship of Emergency Contact to you (the student): examples - mother, friend, etc
If you need to contact Campus Security you can do so by calling 610-917-1447.