Chapel attendance is required of all resident students. All online students are not required to attend chapel but are encouraged to view services online. Chapel services begin at 10 a.m. Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday and are generally between 1 hour and 1 hour and 15 minutes in length. Students record their attendance and earn chapel credit by using their Engage QR code, which is scanned into the computer system as they enter the chapel. Students will be marked absent if they arrive five (5) minutes past the service starting time. Students are expected to remain in the chapel service until a formal dismissal is given.

Students must notify a Chapel Usher or Residence Director if, after scanning their QR code, they change their mind and decide not to attend chapel that day. Failure to notify a Chapel Usher or Residence Director is considered a serious offense (Level 3) and may result in disciplinary consequences including but not limited to a double absence, a meeting with Residence Life staff, fines and suspension (in addition to any fines assessed for exceeding the allowable number of absences).

All main campus students are required to accure chapel credits for 80% of the chapel services offered that semester. It is understood that students may miss chapel for various circumstances such as an illness of one to two days, one-time doctor appointments, dentist appointments, personal emergencies of all kinds, court appearances, car breakdowns, hospital visits, late arrivals from weekends at home, helping out at youth retreats, ministry involvement, or serving at district councils, athletic involvement, missions trips, etc. Students should actively monitor their chapel credits to ensure that, despite these occasional absences, they are still able to meet the 80% credit requirement. While the exact number of chapel services offered each semeseter may vary, the number is usually between 55 and 60. The number of chapel credits required by semester can be found on Engage (

To check your chapel attendance, click "Chapel Attendance" under Quick Links.

  1. Login with your MyValleyForge credentials.
  2. Scroll down and under paths click "SP 24 Chapel Attendance".