Below is our chapel exemption policy found in the Student Handbook:

“Students may request exemptions from chapel on a single day basis through an entire semester (i.e., working Wednesday and Friday) by completing a Chapel Exemption Form available on Engage or on MyValleyForge under the Student Life tab. Exemptions begin on the date approved, so it is important that students not miss chapel before receiving notification that their request has been granted. Semester exemptions must be requested at the beginning of a semester. Semester exemptions will not be given retroactively and are approved on a single semester basis only. Generally, students are not permitted to be exempt from four days of chapel. Only in very rare circumstances will a four-day semester exemption be granted. (This may occur only once during a student’s academic career and is discouraged during a student’s final semester.)” (Student Handbook, pg. 38)

Here is a link to the chapel exemption form located on Engage -

*Additionally, if you are employed off campus or are approved for an internship, student teaching, field experience, etc. please include that information in your exemption form. Your academic advisor must send us approval for internships, student teaching, etc. and your employer must email chapel attendance to confirm your schedule. We will not approve your exemption without email confirmation from your academic advisor and/or employer.*