The University believes that chapel is central to the UVF educational experience. Therefore, students who exceed their allowable number of chapel absences are not receiving the total UVF experience and are not fulfilling their commitment to meet all University expectations that they made when they enrolled. For these reasons, disciplinary action will be taken when a student fails to meet the chapel credit requirement as defined by the chart below (The percentage is taken of the number of chapel credit options available): Meets Chapel Requirements Chapel Alert Chapel Probation 80% or more of chapel opportunities attended. At least 70%, but less than 80% of chapel opportunities attended. Less than 70% of chapel opportunities attended. A fine is given for each chapel credit missed below the 80% requirement. A fine is given for each chapel credit missed below the 80% requirement; student placed on chapel probation. 

Chapel Fine

There is a charge for each chapel credit missed below the 80% attendance requirement. For example, if a student was two credits short of what they needed to meet the 80% attendance requirement, a student would be charged. Students may appeal chapel fines to the Student Life Office within ten business days (two weeks) from the date of the fines. Further appeals may be made to the Vice President of Student Life in writing. Appeals will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis at the discretion of the Student Life Office.

Chapel Alert and Probation

If a student is unable to meet the 80% chapel attendance requirement, but may be able to attend at least 70% of available chapel services, they will be placed on Chapel Alert. If a student is unable to attend at least 70% available chapel credits, they will be placed on Chapel Probation for the remainder of that semester and the following semester. Because of the importance placed on abiding together corporately, and because of the significance of chapel in the UVF experience, students placed on Chapel Probation are ineligible to participate in chapel platform ministry, student leadership positions and ministry participation as a representative of the University. Students on Chapel Probation may also forfeit institutional scholarship or grant awards. Students may only be on chapel probation a maximum of two (2) times during their academic career before receiving a one semester suspension that makes them ineligible to return the following semester. Upon reaching chapel probation for the third time, the student will be notified of a mandatory hearing in which the student will appear before their faculty advisor, the Vice President of Academic Affairs, and the Vice President of Student Life to discuss their suspension and/or to make an appeal.